Sun Blaze T5 High Output Lamp, 4-Feet, 8 Lamps

Sun Blaze T5 High Output Lamp Review – Guide

Professional indoor gardeners know that they must be equipped with the best grow lights, with multiple unique and necessary features to have their perfect indoor gardens. These grow lights must have different high-quality light setup configurations, strong housing and durable, easy operational features with a lot of flexibility, energy saving & a very good cooling system to keep their plants safe from any risk of accidents. That is why they should go for The Sun Blaze T5 High Output Lamp, 4-Feet, 8 Lamps of best grow lights.

Feature of the Sun Blaze 960305 T5 High Output Lamp

For the complete satisfaction of having the best grow lights for the indoor garden, the Sun Blaze 960305 T5 High Output Lamp was designed, with very high-quality different lengths and a number of bulb configurations and its 18-foot power cord allows you to place it anywhere you want. The dual on/off switch allows you to run 4 lamps of the 8 lamp model, at a time whenever you desire and also runs on 120V power. The lights have strong housing and very durable, louvered with the excellent cooling system.

High Powered Output Lamps

One of the main things to look for in a good sunblaze grow lights are the quality and amount of light is providing for the best growth of your indoor garden plants. The high output lamps of Sun Blaze 960305 T5 the have an extremely high lumen per watt rating & operated on 120-volt power only, being more energy efficient.

Dual power switches

T5 sunblaze is a 4 feet long 8 lamp model grow light, but there is an option for you to run any of the 4 lamps you want. There is an extra on/off switch added to this grow light which allows you to run four lamps at a time if you desire.

Super Flexibility

This sun blaze lights are super flexible wherever you want to carry and place it, however, you want to position it and from wherever you want to operate it. The 18-foot power cord allows you place it almost anywhere you could imagine & the on/off switches make it very easy to control the bulb power. This light comes with wire cable hangers & you can choose to hang it either horizontally or vertically.

Advanced reflectors

A powerful grow light should be able to make sure your plants are exposed to the most amount of lights required and absorb the energy for growth. For providing excellent reflectivity & diffusion for your indoor plants, this light comes with advanced reflector design.

Power coated steel housing

The Sun Blaze 960305 T5 structure is very strong and durable with a powder coated steel housing, enabling it to be operated in any harsh conditions. This durable steel housing protects the lights from any kind of damage and keeps bulbs running.

Excellent cooling

A good cooling system is any hydroponic system is a very important requirement as it keeps the heat lower, and makes sure that you don’t risk damaging your plants. That is why this grow light’s hood is louvered to maximize the air cooling, which ensures safety from the threat of potential accidents.

Daisy chain feature

Wherever you decide to set up your indoor garden grow lights, you should make sure that indoor area is very clean and tidy. This light comes with the Daisy chain feature, built-in, which allows several units to be plugged in together to make your area very tidy and clean.

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Best Sun Lamp Features

  • High-quality bulbs
  • 18-foot power cord and on/off switch allows for easy operation.
  • Two on/off switches to run four lamps at a time if desired.
  • Louvered on all sides for cool operation
  • Durable housing with white powder coated steel
  • Daisy chain feature allows plugging in with multiple features
  • 120 power operation makes energy efficient


  • High price
  • 11 years warranty on ballast components


Summing up, this Sun Blaze 960305 T5 High Output Lamp of best led grow lights is just the perfect high quality grow light for high quality indoor professional gardening. It is energy efficient and offers a tremendous amount of operational flexibility and have very durable housing and excellent cooling system. With all its unique features, it is ideal for all sorts of hydroponics applications.

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