Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs for Growing Plants Advantages and Disadvantages

We need grow lights for healthy growth of our plants indoor, in the greenhouse or areas where there is no occurrence of natural lighting. They help stimulate plant growth by providing a spectrum of light suitable for every stage of photosynthesis. Due to climatic changes and ecological imbalance, indoor gardening has become more of a necessity nowadays. Compact fluorescent light bulbs for growing plants and they come in different colors and energy intensity. Normal bulbs have the electric current pass through the filament and the light starts to glow when the filament heats up. But in CFL bulb, the current passes through a tube filled with argon & mercury vapor, exciting a fluorescent coating to emit light. These bulbs have become very popular because compared to normal bulbs, they use 70% less energy, making it very energy-efficient. Many use T5 light for plants growth. These lights have an array of bulbs connected in a panel. But problems with these lights are that readjusting them are burdening and these lights only target the plant canopy. That is why CFL is very popular today. But before you actually go on purchasing a grow light, you need to take into consideration a lot of things. The most important thing is that you need to make sure that the plants are exposed to the correct amount of light to balance with the amount of waste heat generated because too much heat can wither the plant. Then the duration of exposure, the spectrum of light & also your budget.

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs for Growing Plants

Few Discussion about Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs for Growing Plants Advantages and Disadvantages

When you look to buy a grow light for your indoor garden, you must make sure that it’s worth purchasing. We know that there are many advantages and disadvantages that come with a product. Let’s analyze a compact fluorescent light:


  • Energy Saving: If you are looking for an energy saving bulb, you should definitely for the CFL. They are considered to be 4 times more efficient than normal bulbs, you will use lesser wattage of electricity to light the CFL.
  • Environment-Friendly: This light not only saves energy but is also environmental friendly. It is estimated that a single CFL bulb can lessen a ½ ton of carbon dioxide out of our atmosphere over the bulbs lifetime.
  • Adequate Heat & Better Light Coverage: It is true the larger sized bulbs become a bit hotter, but the medium and small ones can be placed close to your plants canopy, without torching them. You can place them anywhere, over the canopy, on the base or the side of your plant.
  • Availability: CFL bulb is available everywhere, from big retailers to small grocery stores.
  • Low Energy Bills: You can save a great amount of money using these lights. CFLs are less expensive in the long run, mainly due to being more energy efficient.

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs for Growing Plants Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Not Enough Light in Comparison: CFL are great lights for your plant, but if we compare, say with the HPS, it does not emit enough light.
  • A Socket for Each: You need to have a socket for each bulb you want to set up.
  • Too much Adjustment Required: The worst part of using the CFL is that you need to make too many adjustments regularly to make sure that your plant is receiving adequate light without burning them. The more the bulb you have, the worst it gets because you need to adjust every single bulb individually.
  • Not Suitable for Frequent Operation: If you turn on-off your bulb too frequently, that takes away a substantial lifetime from your light bulb. If you are looking to turn them on once for a longer period and turn of one final time, then these bulbs are good for you.
  • Temperature Sensitive: CFLs are very sensitive temperature. When the temperature is low, then your light level will also be low. Therefore, you need to make sure that if they are placed outdoors, they need to be protected from drastic temperature changes.

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs for Growing Plants Advantages & Disadvantages


Compact fluorescent lights are great for you indoor gardens and the greenhouse, where there is no occurrence of natural lighting. These compact fluorescent lights have become very popular in the recent times in comparison to normal bulbs & other grow lights mainly because they are very energy-efficient. They are also environmental friendly, widely available and provide adequate heat & better light coverage. But with all the advantages, you also get some drawbacks as well. There are many lights which are brighter and light intensive than the CFL and the CFLs also requires too many adjustments, unsuitable for frequent operation and are very temperature sensitive. Therefore before buying a compact fluorescent light, you make sure you understand your requirement well and go forward with making your own indoor garden.

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